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Cresson Sanatorium & Prison

Hello Cresson Friends & Family,

The Cresson Sanatorium & Prison Team would like to thank all of you for your continued and ongoing support as we continue our fight to regain our beloved property.

In November the legal system granted us the ability to file a crucial appeal allowing us to be heard for the first time since the land dispute began with the Property Owners Ben Cobelentz & Carl Weaver. Our legal team filed this appeal on our behalf on January the 4th and we patiently await our day in court.

We ask that you continue to check in on our website and social sites for updates. With that, in anticipation of a major victory we have decided to focus our full efforts on creating a better and more focused experience for our guests upon return to the property.

We ask you show your support by sharing this post to friends.

Thank you

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Self-Guided Exploration

Explore this expansive abandoned site at your own pace. Unlocking 108 years of history spread out over 30 acres and 20 buildings. 

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Guided Paranormal Tours

Join our Paranormal Experts as they guide you on this 2-hour

 daytime tour of our most active buildings.

Overnight Tours are also available!

Guided Historic Tours

Follow along with our Historians on this one of our guided tour to see the site's most popular buildings and learn the history from Carnegie to the it's closure as a State Prison. 

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