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Hello Cresson Friends & Family,

Today we have a very frustrating update to share. Unfortunately , due to the ongoing land dispute, we have to hit pause on our events, historic tours, paranormal activities, and hydroponic grow for the foreseeable future. Our case is in the hands of the Superior Courts, but the timeline ahead remains uncertain.

If you've already made purchases for advance passes, we'll be processing full refunds. Stay tuned as we'll be sharing our updates through email, our website, and our social channels.

In the spirit of gratitude for your support, we want you to know that if we're able to get back up and running, advance ticket holders will receive a 20% discount as a token of our appreciation.

For our teams with bookings affected by this, we have already begun reaching out to August teams directly to arrange refunds, and we will be reaching out to teams scheduled later this year next week. If circumstances allow us to reopen, we'll prioritize reaching out to you for rescheduling.

Your unwavering support has meant the world to us, and we're genuinely thankful for each one of you. As we navigate this challenging time, we'll keep you informed every step of the way. As we are no longer able to host visitors, we will be expanding our fundraising efforts to keep our legal battle going! Our merchandise sales have been exceptional this last week, and we are incredibly thankful to everyone who has supported us this way.  

Thank you for standing by us, and please know that we're doing everything possible to protect and preserve our beloved historic site for all of you that cherish The San as we do.


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